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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mississippi, look at this! 50s north. 80 degrees at memphis. lots and lots of sunshine. i'm liking that, angie goff. >> thank you, howard. kicking off the 6:00 hour, we have the green light. i like it when we can do that. keeping that light on. you can see why because we've got a lot of green on our screen. drivers are moving well. 95 though is where the slow go is starting to set in. we'll show you how that translates. we have a lot of taillights we're tracking here from the prince william parkway over to route one. back over to the real time graphics, this time, our focus is on 66, the eastbound trip filling out a bit around 234. we're definitely using the brakes again between route 50 and 123 just volume, no incidents or accidents. over to the travel times, tracking your outer loop from 95 to 270. we're incident free moving at about 10 minutes. only 9 minutes on 95 traveling southbound to the beltway. speaking of the beltway on the inner loop from route 4 to the wilson bridge, it is about a 10 minute commute.
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more look at roads that matter to you early at 6:12. back to you. >> one minute after the 6:00 hour, here is a look at what's happening today. metro's potential cuts for both rail and bus service will head to review this morning. the board of directors of finance and administration committee will take a look at the proposals at its meeting. the biggest change would increase times between trains on the weekends. if the cuts make it through today, the full metro board will hold a final review of the cuts later this month. >> the nfl owners in the locked out players are set to meet today for a court-ordered mediation. it will be the first face-to- face talks since the collective bargaining agreement expired back on march 11th. goodell and smith are expected at today's meeting. they're expected again to be there this afternoon. >> both houses of congress are expected to vote today on the budget deal they agreed upon last week. that deal would fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year while cutting $38 billion from the budget.
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fairfax county police have made an arrest this morning in a barbershop shooting that left one man dead. >> the gunfire rang out yesterday afternoon in the belle view shopping center in the alexandria portion of fairfax county. 39-year-old le hoang was killed, a second victim taken to the hospital. that person is expected to be ok. surae chinn is live at police headquarters with the latest on the suspect and the investigation this morning. surae, over to you. >> reporter: mike and an adra, we have moved to police headquarters to bring you the most up-to-date information on the double shooting that happened at the barbershop near alexandria leaving one employee dead, another injured. and a former coworker in jail at this hour. we have officer wright to bring us up to date. >> the suspect turned himself in last night around 11:00 p.m. he has been charged with murder and he is currently in the jail and awaiting his court procedures. >> reporter: the big question is why and did he say anything before he opened fire in the barbershop? >> we don't discuss the specific information but we
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have learned that this incident yesterday stems from a dispute between him and at least one of the employees inside the store. >> reporter: and do we know how long he had worked there or if he's a former or current worker? >> he was a former employee. it appears he had left voluntarily. i don't know the details of the dispute but it led up to yesterday's tragic event. >> is there any history to the barbershop, any threats made to the employees prior? >> we're not aware of any. obviously our detectives are looking into it to piece as much of the case together and what happened to try to piece it all together. >> what happens today? his first court appearance? >> his arraignment should be this morning. we don't get involved with the court stuff. it becomes the commonwealth's case. >> thank you, officer tawny wright bringing us the latest update on this double shooting. one person in custody. a former coworker who has been charged with murder. back to you. thank you, surae live in alexandria, virginia, this
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morning. >> today's vote in congress should finally end the battle over this year's budget. but the fight over long-term spending looks like it is just beginning. yesterday, president obama rolled out his plan for trimming $4 trillion from the deficit over the next 12 years. he calls for savings in defense spending and medicare and medicaid while raising taxes on the very wealthy. but that didn't sit well with republicans and both sides have gone on the defensive. >> nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires. >> we're looking for bipartisan solutions, not bipartisan rhetoric. when the president is ready to get serious about it, we'll be here working. >> president obama wants both parties to put aside their differences soon. he wants the congressional leaders to agree on a long-term plan by the end of june. >> fierce supporters of d.c. voting rights are planning another protest on capitol hill tomorrow. however, they say at this time, they do not plan to get anyone
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arrested. mayor vincent gray is still sporting that plastic restraint that police strapped on him during monday's protest. yesterday, the mayor hinted of another round of civil disobedience. >> maybe i'll take it off the next time i get locked up and i have a new will never go as far as it can until the 600,000 people of the district of columbia become outraged enough and insulted enough to say enough is enough. >> now, the protests stem from two riders that lawmakers attachedtoto the federal budget compromise. one would restare the school voucher program. the other bans the use of federal funds for abortions. >> good news for metro riders, two of the three escalators at the dupont circle, 19th street entrance are back working this morning. metro got them back up and running last night. the escalators had broken down during yesterday's evening rush hour, that meant riders had to walk up the stairs out of the station. metro says the third escalator is still out of service because it is being repaired.
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>> now, 6:05. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> if you're facing foreclosure, there is possibly good news. >> this is for folks who have gone through the foreclosure process. this is early in the process but here's the news. the federal government is ordering 16 banks and service providers to reimburse home openers for botched foreclosures including bank of america, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo and others. they're going to have to overhaul the foreclosure processes. government regulators also directed the financial firms to hire outside auditors to determine how many homeowners could have avoided foreclosure between 2009 and 2010. regulators say major lenders filed foreclosures with improper documentation. they didn't have sufficient staff to properly handle homeowners who fell behind on their mortgage payments. but critics of this action say it doesn't have teeth because essentially, it tells the mortgage firms to review their own troubled foreclosure proceedings and identify their
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own fixes. fbi and justice department cyberinvestigators are moving forward to shut down a ring of international computer thieves. they've said to stolen an undetermined amount of money by infecting 2.3 million computers with malicious software. this is the biggest crackdown against criminals. >> normally your taxes would be due tomorrow but of course, that district holiday moves the tax filing deadline to monday. that means four more days to get the taxes done. and to get your last-minute tax questions answered. so, if you have one, a tax question, e-mail me at financial 411 at i'm going to get you answers from the experts right down to the wire. i know you guys don't have any questions. you're done. >> just file the extension. >> extension. that's our middle name. thank you, jessica. >> guilty but only on one of four counts, the verdict handed down to former major league baseball star barry bonds.
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jurors convicted bonds on the obstruction of justice charge. however, they deadlocked on the other three charges he was facing. a judge issued a mistrial on those other counts after four days of deliberations. bonds' attorneys are now asking for the guilty verdict to be thrown out. the hearing on that is scheduled for may 20th. >> our time is 6:08. more news, weather and traffic are just ahead. plus, coming up at 6:13, a controversial mayor is evicted from her home just as elections are around the corner. >> then the cats give fans a thriller in game one of the playoffs. we have full highlights and post-game reaction at 6:22. >> at 6:46, want to li in the white house? we'll show you where you can get a scaled down version, no election required.
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it is 6:11 this thursday morning. we have a good day ahead. plenty of sunshine. going to be a really fine afternoon to get outside and enjoy. 60 at lunchtime. 3:00 p.m., 66. same story at 6:00. northwest winds at 5 to 10. rain will hamper part of the weekend. i'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. right now, angie goff has a look at our thursday commute. >> we're tracking the gw parkway. so far, we're moving at speed from 32 past laurel through greenbelt and beyond.
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a check on 270 in the slow go setting in there. that's ahead at 6:18. andrea and mike, back to you. the government is adding more than two dozen air-traffic controllers to overnight shifts at 27 u.s. airports. this after another controller falls asleep on the job. >> that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12 this morning. the latest incident happened yesterday in the morning time at reno tahoe airport in nevada. a medical flight with three people on board landed safely on its own. the faa says two controllers from lubbock texas and another in seattle have been suspended for similar incidents over the past couple of weeks. the suspensions come one month after planes landed without help from a lone supervisor who fell asleep at reagan national airport here in the d.c. area. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum has taken the first step toward running for president next year. the republican announced he's forming an exploratory committee for a potential campaign. that's the first step in a presidential bid and it is
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allows candidates to begin fund- raising. >> a controversial mayor of brentwood, maryland has been evicted from her home two weeks before voters will decide whether or not she's re- elected. mayor xavier wright refused to talk about the situation on wednesday. eviction documents say she is nearly $7500 behind in her rent at that home. she's the same mayor who was censured by the town council in march for unthor used use of a -- for unauthorized use of a town debit card. >> there is distrust here. it seems like we're in a state of dysfunction and confusion and we're trying to get through that. >> the election for the mayor in brentwood is scheduled for may 2nd. >> it will take awhile before things get back to normal in parts of virginia ravaged by tornadoes. cleanup efforts are making progress but now crews are stumped as to what to do with all of the debris. a hazmat crew is overseeing the process, sorting out household debris that may contain
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asbestos or lead. many are reminded how powerful last friday's storms were. >> it is amazing what mother nature can do. it is amazing. it is sat, too. >> eight people were hurt when two tornadoes gutted the small southwestern virginia community. a curfew that had been imposed since saturday was just lifted last night. >> ok. the first time now, mr. bernstein with some good news. >> going to be a great day. a reminder we're in the middle of severe weather season. hopefully you've got a severe weather plan, a weather radio. now is a great time to think about it. get the plan together if you don't have one. >> exactly. severe weather plan as well. >> this morning, you need a jacket. that's what you need for sure. it is chilly out there. 30s and 40s and our bus stop forecast, that's what we're calling for. it is clear, chilly, thankfully the winds are fairly light. we'll see lots of sunshine when it comes up here at 6:34 this
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morning. that's in about 20 minutes. pretty sky out there right now. we'll have a pretty sky all day. sunshine, 49 degrees at 8:00. wind direction and the arrows, northwest at 7. at noon, northwest winds at 9 with a temperature of 60 here in washington. 67 at 4:00. by 8:00 p.m., we're down to 63. they'll go northeast and east. so, tomorrow, a little bit cooler. then saturday is looking wet. maybe quite wet. temperatures in the mid-40s in easton, pax river is 45. 42 at fredericksburg and also down in newland, bill called in. 39 in culpepper this morning. about 45 for hagerstown and gaithersburg. here in d.c., we've got 47 degrees. the winds are fairly light. west at 3. they were calm last hour. under partly cloudy skies. and that wind chill, only 46 with a west wind at 3 miles per hour. not much different there. >> middle of the country is where the next storm system is developing. energy coming out of the rockies. you see another reflection with the energy and the form of the
6:16 am
showers and storms forming near the kansas city area in western iowa through minnesota. parts of the northern plains will see some snow over the next couple of days. they'll be on the cold side of the system. april snow for them. for us, a few clouds along the state line between west virginia, virginia. clear skies this morning and a good-looking day thanks to high pressure which is pretty much overhead in west virginia. it will be with us all day today. and then we watch the front. this front doesn't have any moisture to work with. don't worry about any rain. but it will change the wind direction to more easterly and that's a cooler direction for us here in d.c. this time of year. coming off the atlantic. as we head toward saturday, watch this system -- even by saturday morning, more so, virginia, western maryland, maryland at 6:00 a.m. could see some showers here. this is going to be moving toward us. it looks like a wet, cool saturday. temperatures today upper 60s in town. low 70s though.
6:17 am
areas to the west. it is going to be delightful. after today, we're look as i said a little cooler tomorrow. saturday, we turn wet with some luck it holds off until midday. it will probably be raining most of the day. looking ahead, sunday, we're clearing out. check out the seven-day forecast, monday, 72. slight chance of a showers. warmer tuesday and really warm on wednesday. maybe some late day storms. we're shooting into the mid-80s then. we say hello to angie and timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we have changed the light over to yellow because we're dealing with new crash activity out on interstate 270. you can see as we take a closer look at this roadway, despite it being clear, we're hearing it is still causing quite the back-up. as you move it outside, it is drivers approaching this point at 109 that are being really affected. looks like it is slow go from 80 down to 121. will you pick up a lot more volume around 118 germantown road. we take you over to the maps again. this time move it to prince
6:18 am
george's county. happy to report route 4, route 5, crane highway, typical volume for this time. no incidents or accidents. moving to 66 headed eastbound from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 14 minutes but getting longer. 267 the dulles toll road. no complaints. d.c., 295 all crystal clear approaching the 11th street bridge. we're tracking 395 in virginia in the next traffic report at 6:25. andrea, mike? >> thank you, angie. our time is 6:18. could the nationals notch another win against division leading philadelphia phillies? we'll have the highlights next. >> what a night for the caps. game one, thriller at verizon center. we have full coverage when we come back.
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check the satellite and radar
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imagery out. we say good-bye to the storm and the cloudiness. that's meaning a chilly morning but it is also going to mean a very sunny, nice day. we've got 30s and 40s now. we'll be around 50 at 9:00. noontime temp, 60. wind direction, northwest winds in the 5 to 10 range. 5:00 p.m., 67. some areas west of d.c. will hit and maybe top the 70 degree mark. mike and an andrea? >> that sounds good. >> the capitals had won just one of their four regular season match-ups against the new york rangers this year. >> in the third period last night, it looked like the trend was continued but a caps star rallied for the same big one. brett haber has full coverage from verizon center. >> good morning from verizon center, everybody. last night, we saw the new look capitals. not the ones who used to score six goals in a game and sometimes give up seven goals in the game but we saw the ones who play stingy defense and then crank up the offense when they need to like they did twice last night. once at the end of regulation
6:23 am
and one big one in overtime. full house last night. 18,000 rockin' the red. they sat through two periods of scoreless hockey. caps had all kinds of chances but couldn't convert. they trailed 1-0 until 6:00 remained in regulation. big crowd in front of the nets for the caps, alex ovechkin finally pokes it in. the goal was reviewed but ultimately upheld. game tied at 1 there and we go to overtime. after 18 minutes of clawing for the game winner, jason intercepts the clearing pass. alex fires the one time. ball game. caps win 2-1, overtime victory in game one. >> i thought that was a tremendous playoff hockey game. and it was a physical game and neither team gave an inch and it is an indication of i think, the kind of series this is going to be. >> i was feeling pretty good about this game. i know the guys, they were playing pretty good.
6:24 am
so, i wasn't nervous at all. i wasn't nervous the whole day. i felt pretty good. it is a big win. >> drama in game one for the capitals. they pull it out in overtime. game two back here tomorrow night. you gotta figure based on the way he played last night, it will be michael back in the pipe for the caps. that's the story. capitals win in ot. i'm brett haber. have a great thursday. >> the wizards not so fortunate as were the caps. they were on the road in cleveland. cleveland guard ramon sessions scored a game high 27. washington loses by 7. wizards end the year with a dismal record. 23-59. not a good night for the nationals. they were hosting the phillies at nationals park. philadelphia starter roy halladay struck out nine nationals. phillies get the win 3-2. coming up, why a plan to widen roads in woodbridge,
6:25 am
virginia, have some business owners worrying about their future. >> police make an arrest in a barbershop shooting in fairfax county. the latest on the suspect who is now in custody. first, here's angie with a quick look at the traffic. >> thank you, mike. right now, we're traveling 395 and moving very slowly. you can see between duke over to seminary. we focus on your district drive. that's when 9news now returns. keep it here.  çñ
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. we're coming up on 6:29. we're glad you're joining us. i'm mike hydeck. andrea is off this morning on an early assignment. howard bernstein is out on the weather terrace. he says sunshine is coming. >> it is already coming here in about four or five minutes. we'll get the sunrise going on. the birds are singing. it will be a nice thursday weatherwise. here is a look at our day planner. we expect sunshine all day long. as opposed to the last few days. 60 degrees by noon. 67 at 5:00 p.m. with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s ax northwest wind between 5 and 10 miles per hour. yesterday, the clouds were slow to lea. they finally broke late in the day with a little sunshine. we're seeing a few clouds down toward the virginia/west virginia border. but other than that, it is clear and cold. we've got some low to mid-30s out to the west of town. there could be some patchy frost there along the bay,
6:30 am
upper 40s from annapolis, lots of 40s across the delmarva and here in washington, 47. as far as today's concerned, it is going to be nice. mid-60s on the bay. water is still kind of cool. low 70s, places like culpepper and winchester, leesburg over to manassas, upper 60s near 70 here in town. the weekend, we're going downhill for part of it. i'll have that forecast next time i see. angie goff has the latest on the commute. >> thanks, h. b. halfway through the 6:00 hour, the yellow light stays on. finding new problems on the roadways. in virginia, 9 a headed northbound, watch for an accident near route one adding to the delays at 95 that stretch back to the prince william parkway. they're clearly growing. over to the real time graphics, other places checking out ok. zooming into the district, we move it outside live to northeast d.c. for those of who you travel on inbound new york avenue, no incidents, just a lot of volume between the times building past bladensburg. still doing ok approaches the
6:31 am
third street tunnel. here is another shot of drivers from the key bridge crossing over it making their way into georgetown and m street is looking ok. just the typical volume we see around this time. we're also checking on your rails here on your trains, metro, vre, marc, all three lines are running on time. moving over to our next traffic report, we're going to have the latest on that accident in virginia. that's at 6:46. for now, back to mike. >> thank you, angie. fairfax county police have made an arrest this morning in a barbershop shooting that left one man dead. they say the suspect was a former employee at that barbershop who had a dispute with the man who was killed. surae chinn joins us live at the police department at the headquarters this morning with the latest on this arrest and what we know so far about the case, surae, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. now, the suspect sits in jail here at police headquarters right now. charged in this crime. he is 44-year-old nguyen. we just got his mugshot in. here is the first look at the
6:32 am
alleged shooter. police say he turned himself in to the police station around 11:00 last night. before that, a huge manhunt following the deadly shooting of his former coworker, 39-year- old le hoang and another employee, a 38-year-old who was injured but is doing ok this morning. i talked with officer tawny wright moments ago. do we know what led up to the shooting? >> it appears that the suspect had a dispute between at least one employee inside the shop. you know, i don't know the details of it but it stemmed and it built up into yesterday's tragic event. >> any signs or any clues that we knew this was going to happen? were there any threats made to the employees? >> we're looking into it. we're going to piece together as much of the story as we can. >> reporter: additional charges could be forthcoming in that second person injured. he is expected to appear in court, the suspect is, either this morning or this afternoon, depending on if they can get
6:33 am
the paperwork done in time to be placed on the docket. mike? >> surae chinn live in fairfax, virginia. >> a $236 million plan to widen several roads in woodbridge but some small business owners are afraid the plans would force them out. the concerns are over widening occoquan road in front of the woodbridge shopping center. the project would impact about 41 businesses. some would actually be forced to move in this. nelson said they've been there for 15 years. he does say the owner of the shopping center has come up with another plan. >> it would still handle the traffic coming through this intersection and remove the necessity of closing the stores on this side of the street. >> vdot officials are working with shop owners and they may even use some of their suggestions as this moves forward. >> well, now heads up to drivers planning to use i-95 in northern virginia this weekend. state transportation officials will be doing some work on the hov lanes and that will cause one of those lanes to be shut
6:34 am
down from d.c. out to dumfries. it will start friday at midnight and the lanes will not reopen until 3:00 a.m. on monday. d.c. superior court judge has granted a mistrial for antonio mcallister in the highly publicized murder case in the district's trinidad neighborhood. he's one of five suspects charged in the 2008 murder of 13-year-old alonzo robinson. a jury found benson as well as william mccorkle not guilty in the case. but they convicted marcus brown with assault and intent to kill. maryland state investigators are trying to find out who set fire to a shed full of supplies for little league teams. this happened over the weekend in mt. airy at the new beginning nazarene church. they just celebrated their opening day but that night, police say someone started a fire in a portable toilet and that fire then spread to a shed which had the team equipment in it. as well as some sod for the fields. >> it contained our tractor,
6:35 am
tools, supplies, everything that we needed to maintain it. they weren't just burning a toilet for fun, our entire shed is now gone. >> investigators say the fire was an act of arson. police do not have any leads on any suspects so far. ok. jessica doyle is back. she's watching your money and some signs that the job market may actually be improving. >> these are really, really good signs. we're pretty happy to see them. what we're talking about here, new nonetheless out from the labor department. there are 3.1 million job openings in february. big, big increases here. up 352,000 jobs from january. get this. up 570,000 jobs from a year earlier. you have to go all the way back to 2008 to find as many jobs available. more people were hired to and more people are starting to quit jobs. that's a good sign of confidence in the job market. so, you get the job interview, you nail it. you send a thank you note?
6:36 am
you should. a new survey from our partners at career builder finds one in five hiring managers are less likely to hire a candidate if they don't send a thank you note after the interview. 89% say it is ok to send a thank you note in the form of an e-mail. half of them actually prefer an e-mail thank you note. and finally, would you like 40% off a nice bottle of bordeaux? >> sure. >> check out a new crop of web sites. these are flash sales offering subscribers discounts for a limited period of time on select items. there are a number of web sites for wine nowadays, "the new york times" reports the sites include wine not sold out, lot 18 and you can get pretty fancy here. say $100 off a $250 bottle of wine. i don't even know what that tastes like. >> you know what? i've been fortunate to taste some of the wines, not purchasing them. i got a glass. they don't taste so good sometimes. you spend all of that money and
6:37 am
you're like oh, whatever. >> we should do a taste test investigation. >> as long as somebody else is picking up the tab. >> we're due for a warm-up today or are we? howard has the full forecast. plus a quick look at what's on tonight... my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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>> if you're just waking up, if you are, where you been? we've been here since 4:25. >> been up for hours. my day is half over, almost. >> we're glad you're here. mr. sunshine is in a good mood because we have great weather coming up. >> we're going to have a fantastic day today. the weekend is mixed. i'll tell you right now. saturday, very iffy.
6:42 am
very iffy for any sort of sports plans. i think they'll be rained out. sunday looking a whole lot better. here we go with a look at the bus stop forecast. it is chilly, been out on the weather terrace. need the jacket with temperatures in the 40s and some 30s west of washington. not that far away, we're talking about 30s this morning. sun rose at 6:34. it sets today at about 7:44. looking at the day planner, yes, lots of sunshine. from dawn to dusk. 60 degrees by noon. winds will be northwesterly all day, 5, 7, 9 miles per hour. mid-60s at 3:00. also at 6:00 p.m. with highs upper 60s to a few spots in the upper 70s. we talked about the 30s. in manassas, it is 37. up the road in haymarket. leesburg is 45. centreville is 40. we'll go north and a look at montgomery county. along with great falls at 43. 45 coming in from arlington. fort belvoir at 39 and in
6:43 am
howard county, we have a 42. 43 from college park and andrews air force base in crofton both at 46. one behind reagan national. we're sporting mostly sunny skies and 47 degrees with a light west wind at 3 miles per hour. so, a really good start to the day and as far as the week is concerned, well, we'll finish off the week ok and then the weekend, going to worry about this stuff forming in the middle of the country. the rains near kansas city, snows in the rockies this morning. actually going to be some snow up toward north and south dakota, minnesota border. some appreciable snows that will bring us looks like some thunderstorms and some rain. some of it locally heavy. so, here we go this morning, clear skies here. a couple of clouds along the virginia/west virginia border. high pressure is large and in charge this morning. it is going to give us a good day. this front changes the temperature regime from near 70 today to lower 60s tomorrow because tomorrow, winds are more westerly and then look at what comes at us as we head toward friday night and saturday. saturday morning, we may see
6:44 am
some lighter rains develop, the heavy stuff, you see at 6:00 a.m. saturday, that will be with us later on midday, afternoon really. some of the rain totals could be one to two inches. before this thing pulls out saturday night. sunday looks a lot better. 69 today. going to be gorgeous. tomorrow, 63. a few more clouds especially in the afternoon. saturday, rain. maybe some thunderstorms. near 60. locally heavy rain in spots. sunday, the sun returns. monday looks good, too. 72. warmer with a chance of a slight chance of a shower tuesday and a few late storms wednesday. highs get yes, back in the 80s. it is 6:44. far from 80. here's angie. >> real quick, we want to kick things off with the green light. we do have this problem that we're following in virginia. let's take a live look from sky 9. 95 headed northbound at route one. we did have that shot for you. i do apologize. i'll let you know the information you need to know. 95 northbound at route one is where we have the crash activity adding to the big delays starting around the
6:45 am
prince william parkway. traffic is able to get by but that delay is definitely growing and then you will be slow again approaching the fairfax county parkway making your way up toward that mixing bowl. as we continue in virginia, we want to show you 66. that's actually 95. if you're continuing on to 395, want to let you know from duke to seminary, you're also slow. drivers from 234 to 28, tapping on the brakes quite a bit. same situation from 50 over to nutley, that stretch of the drive taking about 17 minutes right now. maryland, 270, no incidents to report but you are below speed from 80 down to 121. slow again from father hurley down toward montrose. outer loop, no surprise here. we're below speed from 95 over to georgia avenue. and we do have your travel times for you. we're going to go to that next. 95 headed southbound, 216 to 495 taking about nine minutes, the inner loop not doing so bad toward the toll road. the toll road itself no complaints approaching the capital beltway. mike, your top traffic stories
6:46 am
of the morning including the latest on 95 in virginia. up at 6:58. back to you. thank you. 6:46 now. we go to the top of the charts, a look at the top five best selling books on taking the top spot, tina fey's look at behind the scenes of bossy pants followed by the 17 day diet and heaven is for real. coming in at number four, maria's book, the every girl's guide to life. the official illustrated guide of the twilight saga. well, the white house is for sale. no, not the white house you may be thinking of on pennsylvania avenue. this white house in mclean, virginia. look at that. it was built to look just like the real thing. it can be yours for $4.65 million. our peggy fox takes on a tour of the 12,000 foot replica of the president's home. >> reporter: it certainly looks like the white house but it is only a fifth of the size. still, structural details inside are exact replicas.
6:47 am
come on, i'll take you on a tour. >> hello. welcome to the white house mansion in mclean. >> the realtor is hoping to sell this mansion in mclean. the owner declined to be interviewed but both owner and realtor are engineers and marvel at this replica of the white house with 14 foot high ceilings and the same unique crown molding. >> the carp he wantry molding had to be customized. the same original configuration. >> the home has an oval office but instead of a desk, they have a piano. >> tell me about the stairs. >> well, it is built with marble and reinforced because the marble can be brittle. structurally, it is the same uniform qualities. >> reinforced steel is underneath. up stairs, the lincoln bedroom and marble on the floors. the home took seven years to design and build.
6:48 am
the family moved in in 1996. the owner of this home was studying engineering and philosophy in new zealand when he was finished in 1975, he couldn't go back home to vietnam because of the war. america took him in as a refugee. and this white house is a tribute to his adopted homeland. win said he was surprised his client and friend would want to sell his beloved home he put so much into but he has a good common sense reason. >> he and his wife, they both work. >> they're empty nesters. >> that's right. >> empty nesters in the white house. >> now, he feels a sense of isolation living in such a big house. >> peggy fox, 9news now. >> are you interested? it has six bedrooms, seven full baths, two half baths, also a gym, a wine cellar, a home theatre and just a good measure of party room for over 100. >> when we come back, a look at today's top stories before you go plus one final look at weather and the road conditions when we return.
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6:52 am
it is 6:52 on this fine looking thursday. a little chilly this morning. some 30s out there. we've got sunshine, 47 in town. 60 at lunchtime. and 67 at 5:00 p.m. highs upper 60s to low 70s. another look at your seven-day forecast in just a moment.
6:53 am
right now, here's mike. >> mr. sunshine, thank you. here's a look at the news before you go. both houses of congress are expected to vote today on a budget deal that they agreed upon last week. now, that deal would fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year while cutting $38 billion from the budget. the measure is expected to pass. metro's potential cuts will head to a review this morning. the board of directors of finance and the administration committee will take a look at the proposals at this meeting. if the cuts make it through today, the full metro board will hold a final review on the cuts later this month. >> fairfax county police have a man in custody in a barbershop shooting that left one man dead. gunfire rang out yesterday afternoon in the belle view shopping center. 39-year-old le hoang was killed. the suspect, wong nguyen had been in a long-standing dispute with hoang. >> "the early show" starts in about six minutes. chris wragge tells us what's coming up. >> coming up on "the early
6:54 am
show," air-traffic controller was caught asleep on the job. this time in reno, nevada. the faa is ordering additional staff for overnight shifts at 27 airport towers but is it enough to keep the flying public safe? we'll speak with transportation secretary ray lahood. president obama laying out his vision on reducing the national deficit $4 trillion in 12 years including cuts to the military, medicare and raising taxes for the wealthy. we'll get details on the changes that may affect you. it has happened again. a 2-year-old boy dining at a chain restaurant was mistakenly served alcohol. he got sangria instead of orange juice. the boy and the mom will join us live in the studio. actress catherine zeta-jones was treated for bipope ar ii disorder. find out how she's doing, all of that and much more coming up right here on "the early show." mike? >> thank you, chris. >> one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns. keep it here. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. 6:58. a great day ahead. upper 60s to low 70s. you'll need a jacket this morning. clouds increase tomorrow. cooler, 63. a wet saturday but a drier and sunnier and warmer sunday. angie? >> we're seeing big delays on 95 to 395 over to lorton to 70. you are the low speed stuck in this approaching seminary. 66, are you slow and then tapping on the brakes between the fairfax county parkway and nutley about 20 minutes there.
6:59 am
the outer loop is running at a 20 minute drive from 95 over to georgia. over to you. >> ok, jess? wall street? >> banks are under new investigations this morning. that has the banking sector looking lower and as a result, wall street is looking lower today. >> "the early show" is coming up next. they'll have more on the faa's investigation into another air- traffic controller falling asleep on the job. >> we're going to be back in 25 minutes. >> that's right. and also, want to let you know, you can always go to to get the latest news, weather, traffic, check out the blogs, financialista information, all good stuff. >> today is the day to get outside. if you're not doing anything, come join me at the national zoo. i hope to run the whole thing. we'll see you. >> backwards, right. >> andrea will be back joining us of course. have a great day, everybody!